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100% Real and Natural Jamaican Honey.

No Antibiotics & No Pesticides


Jamaican Honey

Straight From Jamaica

Real Island Honey

Pure & Natural

Rhymesbury Farms 100% Raw and Natural Honey is from the beautiful island of Jamaica, in the district of Rhymesbury, Clarendon.
Rhymesbury Farms Jamaican Honey is never heated. We never add sugar nor water to our Honey. Bees are never given antibiotics nor pesticides
My Father, the Bee Keeper, extracts the honey from the hive to the bottles in irie goodness for you to enjoy.
Our Bees Feed On ▪︎ Jamaican Otaheite Apple ▪︎ Mangoes ▪︎ Plums ▪︎ The nectar from cocunuts ▪︎ Blossoms from the lignum Vitae Tree ▪︎ Blossoms from the Asian Jamum which is known as the Ribena in Jamaica

12oz Honey

1 lb Honey